The Apple Family

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this is an example of Apple Family :)

Find the 6 cats in the picture

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Find 6 cats in the picture below.

Darvaza Gas Crater

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The Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan also known as “The Door to Hell” was discovered when a rig drilling for gas hit the gas-filled cavern. The hole was soon lit on fire to avoid releasing methane into the air and has been burning for 40 years.

ok, here are hacked pictures of the ever HOT girl Megan Fox of the movie transformers and Jennifer's body.
account says, that a hacker have gained access to her laptop computer and downloaded all her private photo's.

160 confirmed dead. 180 remained missing in just one city. the typhoon SENDONG is on rampage and killing hundreds of people in the Philippines.

deaths could rise up to near a thousand figure. - Jason Quilo Said:
this is a sad Christmas for the affected cities in the Philippines. and the government is doing what they can to save peoples life. may god help them.

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