Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Is All Grown Up! Check out the rare pics, her social media account was deactivated.

GET FRESH (EVENT) Ayala Centerio CDO
With Tim Sawyer and Katie Steele and DJ MarkwOrm (TheBeatfreakz.net)

#Ayala #Getfresh #MarkwOrm

Human Bomb Class

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beavis and butthead real?

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The inexpensive and lightweight device which gets its power through smartphone’s audio jack, contains reagents and enzyme that create and speed up the chemical reaction that will make the blood change color in 15 minutes if the viral proteins are present. All you have to do is to offer a finger-prick of blood and press the start button.

The study focused on individuals in South Korea, as the country has the highest per-capital number of instant noodle consumers in the world, and because, in recent years, health problems there, including heart disease and obesity, have been on the rise. But the findings appear to be quite relevant to consumers stateside too, as the United States ranked sixth globally in instant noodle sales, according to the World Instant Noodles Association, which found that the United States accounted for 4,300 billion units sold in 2013 (coming in just behind China, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and India — and one spot above South Korea, in fact).

"He knocked out a couple of girls (in sparring) or something like (that). The thing is, I got a report from one of my friends in Mexico—that one of his Mexican boys beat the s--t out of him two days in a row. So I really don't care about stuff like that. I really don't care what he's up to, because I have to get my guy ready for my fight and that's what I'm thinking about."

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